Detailed Guide To Get Lmpc Certificate For Import Online

Legal Metrology has already laid the foundation during the primitive time. however, it is recently that it has started gaining recognition all over the country. But it has started acquiring recognition recently. When importers need to seek LMPC certificate. Legal Metrology entails one single component of the Metrology which is dealing with the weights as well as the measures. At the same time, it also has the inclusion of weighing, measurements, methodology, as well as the majoring instrument. The Department of Legal Metrology, which is under the Governance of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, came into existence in year 2009. It is actually holding the responsibility of the maintenance of uniform as well as the most proper of the protocol to weigh, measurement which is done by all the traders within the market. The main goal behind the setting up of the Department of Legal Metrology is to make sure that there are fair trade practices adopted while at the same time, it is working to safeguard the best interest of the consumers.

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What is process to get LMPC certificate for import?

In order to seek LMPC registration online, there is a need for the importer to get registered, seek approvals as well as get the license count for the process which is mentioned below:

  • Company registration
  • Any organization which is involved in the production, imports, packaging weights, or measurement is required to register their entity under the legal Metrology regulations

  • Importer registration for weights & measures
  • Any individual whether he or she is a manufacturer, dealing in the imports/packing and looking forward to carrying out the import, manufacturing, packing of any of the weight/ measurements or looking forward for impotent or packing of any sort of three package commodity are required to get themselves register under the act and seek LMPC certificate for import.

  • Import registration to import weights/ measures
  • Anybody who wants to manufacture, import, or pack any weight or measurement, or any importer or packer who wants to import or pack any pre-packaged commodity, has to register under the Act in accordance with the prescribed time frame.

  • Acquiring licensing under legal metrology
  • There are strict protocols and procedures which are issued by the authorities and their compulsory permits as well as the need for LMPC registration under the Department of Legal Metrology.

  • Approval of models through test centers
  • The weights and measures of the producer must get approval from the establishment of the test centers that are being recognized by the Indian government authorities. There will also be the application which is filled for the approval of the model and also the supporting documentation. Once the inspection and the model reviewing are done concerning the application, there will be approval certificate will be granted by the concerned authorities.

  • Commodities declaration
  • This is another requirement for seeking an LMPC license. Every pre-packaged commodity must have a declaration that comprises the name, manufacturer/ packer address, origin date/ principal display panel. The sizes as well as the pattern of the declaration will show variation and this will be dependent upon the nature of the pre-packaged commodity.

  • Stamping and verifying
  • This is the last step and as per the legal Metrology regulations, the measuring instruments are required to be stamped illustrating the year which is being placed and this will be verified by the concerned officials. After the verification, the authorities will confirm whether the measuring instruments meet the laid down prescribed standards or not.

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